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1. Question: Account Deactivation/forgotten password
Answer: Each time you are Deactivated, Kindly wait for 24 working Hours and use your matric number for both the username and password i.e.
Username: Matric number
Password: Matric number

2. Question: Error on biodata
Answer: You can send an email to [email protected] or kindly proceed to MIS to lodge your complaint.

3. Question: Paid a Fee, it was successful and I was debited but not reflected on my fee page in the portal.
Answer: On the Portal homepage (portal.ui.edu.ng) click on Query Remita, insert your RRR number and proceed. login again to check if the fee displays, if not send your RRR number to [email protected] and it will be resolved within 24hours.

4. Question: Upgrading to the next academic level/incorrect levy displayed on my portal page.
Answer: For Satellite, Kindly be patient...we are attending to freshers or send an email to [email protected] Please do not pay fees to the wrong academic session or level of study.

5. Question: 'Student does not exist at the finance office
Answer: for satellites, Please be patient ...The upgrade is ongoing.

6. I cannot find a particular course on my course registration.
Answer: send an email to [email protected], state your Faculty, Department, Program of Student, Course Code and Title, and the academic semester of the course, or visit your course level adviser at the department.

7. I have paid fees and my Course Registration is not displaying. Saying have not paid School Fees or Technology Fee for this session.
Answer: Please be sure there is no shortfall in the amount of fees paid, Also be sure you have paid your School Fees, GES Levy and Technology Fee. If all are intact and still not able to register, Kindly send an email to [email protected] and state the complaints.

8. I was debited twice when I paid my fees.
Answer: Please channel all refund complaints to the Student Account Unit at the Bursary Department.

9. There is a shortfall in the value of fees I paid, How do I pay the balance of the difference.
Answer: There is a Fee item "Additional Fee" type in the value of the amount you wish to pay and proceed. Note: Additional Fee is not a Fee type, it's only used to Balance up payment value differences.

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